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"Nataly and her team are phenomenal. It was my first time taking an online class and I felt like I was in a classroom. very professional. after this class I feel more prepared to provide any trauma care . Thank you so much for everything you do."


"This was one of the best classes I've ever taken. It was more engaging than any live class I've attended. Keep up the good work!"

ER Nurse

"Nataly and her team are a PHENOMENAL team of instructors: engaging, knowledgeable, and all around sets a comfortable friendly environment. With plenty of time to practice with with instructors and other class participants, I felt extremely prepared to go straight into my oral and written exams. I will definitely be using the group again!"


"I took the class online. Sometimes it’s just reading from a power point, but you can feel Nataly’s passion for teaching. The class was energetic and engaging with ample opportunity to ask questions. I was worried about a two day online class and although there was a lot of information, with the use of examples and stories, I felt I was able to remember the lessons. I would highly suggest this class!"

ER Nurse

"Nataly is an engaging and professional instructor. I learned more from her style than I ever would have from the high-stress performance-oriented instructors."


"The TNCC class taught by Nataly Kuznetnoz was one of the best learning experiences I've ever had, and all through zoom which was very accommodating. I enjoyed the lectures and hearing accounts of first hand experience by Nataly. She did a great job of interacting with the class and bringing out the experiences of others in the class to use as teaching points. Her attention to detail and assistance with explaining the TNCC approach helped me pass the test. I would definitely take a class with her again."

ER nurse

"Great online class. Delivered the information appropriately and relevant to trauma"

ER Nurse

"Took the Trauma Fast track class. Nataly made the class comprehensive without missing important details within the short time frame. She gave tips and techniques to ensure that you are successful in the course. Highly recommend and will definitely take her classes again."

ER Nurse
Northern VA

"Thank you so much for offering TNCC and teaching it in such a fun and easy learning environment. Nataly, I appreciate you accommodating me at the last minute with a spot in your class, making the information
engaging, and offering opportunities to practice. Anthony, I appreciate your chill and supportive demeanor during my skills check-off, you really helped to ease my anxiety. Overall, I think you guys are the best, I will take your class again (2026, unless the hospital offers it for free LOL), and I will recommend you to my nursing colleagues!"

ER Nurse
Southern California

"I just finished up the test and passed, phew! I just wanted to say thank you again for being so flexible and helpful throughout these past couple of weeks. You didn’t need to create extra time for me, but you did and I appreciate that very much!"

ER Nurse, Level 1 Trauma

"If you’re looking for a nitty-gritty, down, and to the point Challenger course, this is the course for you! Nataly was the most informative and personable instructor and made working via zoom extremely painless and effortless! Thank you once again for your knowledge and help, it will definitely go a long way! Hopefully, in four years I will be able to recertify with Nataly again!"

CHALLENGER OPTION - ER Nurse, Level 1 Trauma

"Did the class meet your expectations? – “It was amazing”

What was your favorite thing about the class? – “Fast-paced, but appropriate. open and welcoming. Room to learn and make mistakes in order to grow.”

How did the instructor Nataly and Anthony do? – “Amazing! Great info, great format!”

Did you feel that the class prepared you well for the online “written exam”? – “Yes”"

ER Nurse
Northern California

"The virtual TNCC class was well done and convenient and prepared me well for the exam. My favorite thing about the class was how it was taught–it was very engaging and I could tell the instructor knew her stuff and loved teaching the course. The instructor (Nataly) was amazing. She really took the time to make sure we understood our concepts and was sweet and intelligent."

Non-trauma ER Nurse
Southern California

"The class met my expectations above and beyond! Nataly and Anthony were incredible instructors with a wealth of knowledge. They provided great real-world examples and stories that helped the material stick. This prepared me well to take the written exam and be a successful trauma provider."

ER Nurse - Level 1 Trauma
Northern California

"Thanks for the great course; I learned so much!"

Non-trauma ER Nurse
Northern California

"The class exceeded my expectations. My favorite part was the interactive cases on the 2nd day where you talk through the steps of the trauma. Both Nataly and Anthony were fantastic, engaging, and excellent educators. This was a wonderful course. Thank you so much for teaching us virtually. You are awesome!"

Southern California

"Nataly did great. Really great time covering the material especially since it is a lot of content in two days. As a result of the class, I felt like I am prepared to begin working and learning about trauma patients."

Level 1 Trauma ER nurse

"I liked how interactive and engaging this class was. Nataly was fantastic. Not only kept the class interesting but was also available outside of class and responded to emails promptly."

PACU nurse/CRNA student
Southern California